Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Todays Amazing Delivery... (Love shopping...)

So came home from New York City for a Data Center Expo 
at the New York City Bar....   Good Networking event. 
(Full time job).

To a few packages...

Some great Product from Ranger Ink
Dylusions Spray Melted Chocolate  Crushed Grape

A Box From Donna Downey Studios
Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage Medium
Krylon matte Finish
a Stem Foam Stamp
and a package of her Needle Tip Applications Bottles

A Big old Package from Lindy's Stamp Gang

And not in the picture is the monthy package I get from
Christy Tomlinson

What new supplies are you getting??

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mixed Media Journal Page Flower Dream 2-26-12

So this is a page I did - that was one of those fast pages...   
I always love when I draw things... I'm not very good but getting better.
Used Donna Downey Stamps & her Flowers

Used Pan Pastels - Markers
Glitter Letters

Then wrote out what I need to do....

I hope you enjoy... And remember to be positive and give yourself a chance

Monday, February 25, 2013

Signed up for "Inspired Artist Workshop" with Donna Downey

Can not believe I just did this... Class Booked...
Date 4/18 - 21 - a whole weekend of doing my art... all by myself... (no kids, family)... Trying for a friend to come....
Hotel booked...
Hampton Inn  Suites - Discount on the room with Donna Downey

Airfare booked...  United Airlines - take me away

Inspired. Studio Workshops are a four-day immersion in mixed-media art and art journaling. This creative weekend is filled with the process driven exploration of creative mediums and applications in an intimate, supportive environment, challenging students to expand their creativity through the exploration of new artistic methods and mediums.

Inspired. Studio Workshops are all about the experience of exploring the artist in you, as you step out and broaden your definition of personal creativity. The goal of the workshop is to feed your passion to create and express yourself through multiple mediums. All levels of crafters are welcome as the event celebrates the unique artistic vision each attendee brings with them.

the weekends are boutique style and cater to pamper you with good food and good fun! If the idea of learning a new and inspired process and discovering new artistic methods to give a new platform to your personal artistic voice and vision appeal to you, then these are the events for you

we will focus on prep & assemble of a handmade journal created especially for you. In your journals, you will spend the weekend exploring new techniques for applying, layering and blending Golden fluid acrylic paints, grounds and mediums, as well as, incorporating and building mixed-media and collage elements into your work. then, working with PanPastels, explore techniques for application, transfer, layering and dimension building. rounding out this creative weekend by carving your own custom stamps and learning about basic technique, tools, repeat pattern and tricks for making unique designs.

No drawing or painting skills required. Class is open to all skill levels and you will receive personalized one-on-one guidance throughout the workshop.

ALL meals, supplies, media, tools and surfaces provided.

So excited - they have a few spots left so PLEASE come if you can...  (you can share a hotel room with me... :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

2nd Try on Mix Media Friday Night Lindysgang

So here's my 2nd Attempt for  lindysgang Youtube...

Her video Mixed Media Friday on 2/15/13

This time around I still used Dylusions Sprays - just because I haven't set up the lindystamp Sprays... (have to read the instructions) but planning on doing it this week and then will try them on this weeks journal pages.

Crafter's Workshop Stencils

Then finally got the stencils...  Added some Heart Stamps as well...  And a few other wonderful stamps...  By Donna Downey & Dyan Reaveley.

Then pull out the Faber Castel Gelatos and had some fun...

Some plaint smuging...

Close up...

Hope you enjoy - I love Limor's Youtube Videos... 

Please comment...

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Mixed Media Journal Page Explore EveryDay.... 2-22-13

So with my new supplies at hand.... I started journaling....

I gotta say I just totally love the Dylusion Sprays - they are so colorful
and the are vibrant....

This is my Dylusion Creative Journal... I have a few different Journal books going right now
and switch back and forth depending on the mood, and drying time..

pulled out a few of the stencils... and went to town.

Did alot of spraying.... And had these Labels from a kit I got from Christy Tomlinson Scarlet Lime
I get her monthly kit.. I haven't done it feet (because I'm a saver....) but been working on using everything that I have..

Then I added some hearts I have from the same package and I had this 5x7 paper prints and I loved this girl's sexy legs so I cut them out...   Used paper from the same package and cut other hearts on it.
And then pulled out my Gelatos and did that around the edges  - and the hearts and the labels.

Then I pulled out my gelli pen and highlighted around everything....  I didn't like how the stencil around the edge of the page looked - so I then colored the gelatos and used my finger to rub it - and then took out my Pitt Bold Black Pen and drew around them.

Here's the other side after drawing around the sexy legs as well...  

I love how it came out.
Hope you do..

Please give me your thoughts...
Have a wonderful day... and Journal Something.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Time to Organize.... Pen/Marker Organizer & Stencil Organizer

 So today after my big shopping spree that got delivered yesterday and had alittle fun at Michael's today - they had a ton of stuff on Clearance - plus had my 40% off coupon and all of Tim Holtz stuff had a coupon to get an extra 25% off so got a bunch of things....

So I decided to organize my marker/ pen storage... Thanks to something I saw on pinterest....  LoVE THEM...  Hit the link and you can follow my pins....

So I started out with this great sturdy box that I found at Micheal's on clearance... $5.00

Then because I keep my toilet paper rolls because I paint with them alot... 

And I put them all inside...  (you can see 1 in the middle that has paint on it - because I pushed it in.. and the paint made it study...

Here is a few of all the markets, some tools, and etcs..

Here's anoter view of everything that is in... and still have a bit of room to grow.

I hope you like...  what I realized when I finally put them together - is 
#1 Had alot of duplicates
#2 didn't have as big of color collection as I thought...
and finally
(Need more.. LOL)

This started the organization tour today...

Found another great basket at Michael's also on sale...  and I put all of my stencils and other supplies that I want to use soon...

After doing alot of this - I found MANY MANY supplies that I didn't even remember I had.

Martha Stewart Stencil maker & stencil roll - I almost bought this today - thankfully... I didn't.. Since I already had it.

The smash book label maker gun... Another purchase I almost got..

And final The Tim Holt / Ranger - Tiny attacher... 

Teaches me - to keep organizing and don't dump more than 1 basket LOL...

What supplies have you found lately that you forgot you had... - Tell me???

Disney collage thru the years

So we are very lucky and get to go to Disney yearly sometimes twice a year. My dad lives in Celebration Florida. Plus works at Disney. So alot of perks flow our way.

With being the shutter bug I am it's hard to find places for the photos

So I decided to do a living canvas. This is a 30" x 60" canvas that I decorates painted mixed media. Lots of textures.

Split it down into 4 sections. Animal kingdom. Then Epcot, Hollywood studios and finally magic kingdom

Then embedded photos over the years

Also included the pins we have collected thru the years

It came out great and is always growing with each trip

Friday, February 22, 2013

My Mail Delivery Today... YAH!!!!!!

So today I got my 2 deliveries I have been waiting for...  Did a bit of shopping off  Etsy Store & Collage Stuff

Etsy - Alleystamp

Got a bunch of Crafter's Workshop Stencils
Balzer Designs Tiny Circles
Donna Downey Studios Perforated Dot Flowers
Dina Wakley Casey & Penelope
Tile Texture
Reversed Chickenwire
Fence Frame
Window Screen
Paint Lids
Life Numbers
Numbers (Small)

Tim Holtz Ideo-Ology Melange Tissue Wrap Paper
Dyan Reaveley Dylusions Sprays - The complete new colors
Faber Castel Mix Match Paper Crafter Crayon Blue/Green

Dylusions Luve Struck Lucy Stamps
Christy Tomlinson Stamps - Painted Punchinella
Christy Tomlinson Stamps News Classified
Christy Tomlinson Stamps Cooped Up Notes
And final
Donna Downey Stamps - Create to Breathe

Love every single thing and can't wait to use them in my journal...

Please share what new supplies you have received....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mixed media Journal Page Family Beach Fun 2/2013

So here's a fun page that I did in my Journaling Book
Used Pan Pastels
And Dylusion Pages
Washi Tape
Alphabet Stencil
And Modeling paste
As well as Donna Downey Stamps
And Dyan Reaveley's Dylusion Stencil Chequered Dots

Hope you enjoy please comment, share and follow my blog.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mixed Media Journal Page 2-18-13 Learning to Heal

So this is a page from my heart....  I did the beginning of the page when my husband and I separated...  I just wrote out how I was feeling - was very angry, hurt, upset...

These last few weeks we have both been trying hard to fix things... so Monday night I actually felt moved to change the page...

This was just using Gesso on the page, then using a few stencils and Dylusions Sprays
Alot of dripage
And then writing these words with India Ink

I then took some acrylic paint and started painting over the page...  Of course realizing very quickly how deep India Ink is going to stay on the page.

So I pulled out the Chicken Wire Crafter's Workshop stencil - and Pan Pastels - and started having some fun.

I then pulled out another stencil by Crafter's Workshop Aspen Trees
And used 3 different colors of Pan Pastels
I also just used a few Tattered Angels - Glimmer Screen Winter Trees and used the black Dylusion Sprays

Pulled out the book and scissor and cut some shapes - and then used Modge Podge and glued them down.

Then painted some blue acrylic tape down and used a paper towel to pull some of the paint off.

Taking out my black market and highlighting those pieces - and then using my bubble wrap with white acrylic paint -and I really loved how it started looking at this point.

Then I took out my stencil by Dyan Reaveley's 9x12 Chequered Dots

Outlined the board in black Pitt Bold Markers - and then went over it in Black paint.

And used the alphabet stencil and wrote out 
Learning to Heal

And then used my white pen to outline it so it stands out.

This was something that really came from the heart...
I hope you like it...
And please comment and share..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mixed Media Friday... My Version thank you Lindysgang

So as you all know I'm new to art journaling... so I've been watching tons of youtube videos...

I just found lindysgang Youtube...

So the above is my version of her video Mixed Media Friday on 2/15/13

I didn't have all the supplies that she did but I love the way it came out.

So - first thing I did was use the masking tape on the page.

I also didn't have the lindystamp sprays - but I purchased them so i'm just waiting on the package now....

So I used my dylusion sprays.

I also didn't have the templates so I drew out the templates... And used a few household objects to fill in the blankes.

Hope you enjoy please leaving comments and follow the blog.


Mixed Media Journal Page 2-19-13 Needs And Wants

So here's a page I did last night....   Of course this was after working on my financial budget...

The circles were left blank for me to fill in over time things that I Need... verses Want..  I have a feeling the wants are going to need more circles LOL....

So put this into Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions Creative Journal

This page was actually one of those back pages in your book when you are working on other pages and you take the stencil and then press it into another page - so the black squares was left over from another page...  this was created with Crafter's Workshop 12x12 Cubist which I bought from Overstock.

I then used my Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Crayon Set that I got from Jerry's Artarama
I used Fast Orange, Lime Green, Lilac and Mauve

You just color the crayon just like when you were little - then take a brush with water I used my Aquashbrush which I bought from Donna Downey's store.

That just smooths out the Crayon and it looks great.

I then took out my favorite tool...  The empty Toilet Paper Roll - and used black acrylic paint - and stamped circles all over it.

I also used the rest of my Bazzil Just the Edge 12" Cardstock Strips Perfectly Pleated Dictionary. 

I then used the Crayon's again and the Aquabrush and colored that in as well...

I then also took out my circle templates on the ends where I used Modeling Paste to make some texture

I then pulled out my pan pastels (thank you Donna Downey) and inspiration wednesday.... opening up my eyes.

I then pulled out my Faber Castell Gelatos to fill in The other circles.

Pulled out my markers and wrote Needs & Wants.

Gave it a Spectrafix Spray to seal it...
And it's done.

I hope you enjoy it...

Please comment and share...


Monday, February 18, 2013

Phase 2 of Artists Studio/Scrapbooking Room - Mixed Media

So here is the newest pictures of my on going ever changing scrap/Artist studio Room... Space
I have been taking over the Basement Family room.

 So below is my new look at the desk area...
I have 4 large shelves
(Stocked with stash)...
Alot of velco where I have inks, markers and glitter attached to metal trays and hanging in handy places.
I have all of my art textured supplies in 1 basket...  easily at my hands.
I have a bunch of the clear paint tins that I have paint brushes, markets, glues etc...
(needs to be organized much better - but it's getting closer.

The above desk is made with 1 large piece of plywood that I cut, stained and put on top of 3 Target Cube Storage Units. 
I got the square storage units at either staples or Home depot whenever they were on savings.

Above is another view of my desk... The back wall is going to get the next Phase 3 transition.
It has alot of my art work on it - and I got these boards that you can hang stuf off - but I have to get them mounted...  I am also going to be making some storage units for Stamps, Inks, Paints so I can see them better... But that's coming.

So this area is new.. I have been slowly taking over the basement - give me another 3 months and the whole area will be mind...  
This is a large fold out table - that I have tons of storage under neath it.
I also keep my larger canvases there...
My Criqit is on the table... Lots of storage boxes... Paint tots.... And then all the completed canvases....

I just love the space...
Hope you enjoy...

Loss more to come in phase 3... 

Mixed Media Journal Art 2-18-13 Texture Fun

 So here's a new Journal page I did starting last night.. and finished tonight...

And I totally love love love how it came out.

This is in my Dyan Reaveley's Dylusions Creative Journal

I used the Dylusions Ink Sprays
Postbox Red
Black marble
Lemon Zest
Crushed Grape

I used my alphabet Stencil - which I used Dylusions Black Marble

I used my favorite tool - empty toilet paper roll with black paint and stamped it on the page.
I also used Dylusions Chequered Dots 
And then I used Pan Pastels to color them in Black & White
I then used Spectrafix to seal it.

I hope you will enjoy... and please comment and share...


Mixed media Journal Page - Flower Fun

So I had so much fun doing this page....  I had actually done something with paint dripping on these 2 pages - but didn't like the way it came out... So Gesso to the rescue....

See below for the progress and supply list.

See above the gesso process when I started it.

Below is when it was done and I started adding texture and supplies.

Above - I add Bazzill Basics Just the Edge 12" Cardstock Strips Perfectly Pleated Dictionary - this was something I had in my Stash for years....  Finally opened them up - I cut them in half only used 2 of them - but I love the texture it added.

I also grabbed a bunch of Close to my heart Stamp pads that I have had for years and just never opened.... I opened them and just stamped the entire pad onto the page in all different colors.  

I then took my favorite free tool... my empty toilet paper roll and pressed it into purple paint and stamped it all over the page...

I then drew petals around a few of them to make them flowers.

I started coloring the circles in with different acrylic paint colors

Used a thin paint brush and drew stems.

I then pulled out my pan pastels.

I filled in the blank space between the flowers
Used Green
Purple and Green

I loved the light parts of the pan pastels - on it - but I also added down water down acrylic paints in parts of it.
I then outlined everything with a black market to have things stand out.
And added some red alphabet rub ons.

Below is the final outcome... 

I hope you enjoy this art journaling pages....
Please feel free to comment.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mixed Media - Journal Page - Moments.....

So here's a page I did last week I think Wednesday... 
I actually used some left over paints I was using on a large Canvas which of course isn't done yet... That will be revealed soon...

I mixed paints with Liquitex Medium Resin Sand...  What I have left over I put right on this journal page...  Then waited a few days until the inspiration moved me..

Once it I had a total blast....

I gesso over the dried page - it was Red, Green and Brown...  it didn't really motivate me at all...
And once the gesso dried it looked Great.
I then sprayed some Dylusions Sprays over it.. Used London Blue and Crushed Grapes Once you put that over the medium it just pulls alittle into it... and it really came out great.

I then had some fun with something I have seen Donna Downey do a bunch of times and never really tried - but took my alphabet stencil and and sponge and black paint and had some fun....
I also took my handy dandy toilet paper roll and also dipped it into black paint and stamped all over...
I then used a flower stamp and Stars and stamped that all over the pages...
With the medium on the page it was really hard to see them - so I went over them with a thin paint brush and black paint to make them stand out.
I then took Faber Castel Gellatos and filled in the stamped images.
And then added some white paint to the flowers to make them stand out.

I also grabbed my bubble wrap with white paint which I love how that looks.

I hand drew some fun lines and dots around the outside frame and then painted different colors around it.

Added some scrapbooking embellishments I had in my stash... Again listening to Donna Downey to USE YOUR SUPPLIES....

And finally another trick I learned from her YouTube page - and used Silver India Ink and dripped it down the page...

I totally love these pages... So totally unexpected.