Sunday, March 31, 2013

So was catching up on my you tube channel and came across Ronda Palazzari video - Stenciled Album Cover it inspired me so much I immediately jumped up - and went to michael's used my 30% coupon and purchased the 3 ring 12x12 Album.

Pulled out a few different acrylic paints - and make up sponges that I cut in half to make last longer.  A bunch of stencils and stamps.    And I went for it.

I had my video running - so check out it.

I also did the side since it's going to be on my shelf.  I know I need to add the s at the end.

For my mini stencils right now I store them in my 31 bags tote - which I love... especially when I go to crops - but I am ordering the right dividers for the albums and will get it all into 1 place and then use the tote for something else.

Below are my 2 dogs - Clea (on the left) and Ella on the Right) now that I have a nice long desk they always want to get up on it and see what I'm doing it... So Now they can.  Say hi ladies..

 Ella - likes it when she's alone... LOL

Last day of Winter Art Class was a field trip to Morristown Museum Thursday Night

An amazing show - he is a oil painter on Linen Canvas - just breath taking.
Todd L. W. Doney

The below was my favorite.   Going to focus on the detail in these photos for my Spring Series class

Plesae check out the art work he's there for 2 month - I highly recomment.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Mixed Media Journal Pages To Love Me 3.25.13

To Love Me....

Did a new Mixed Media Journal Page

I did video tape this page - just working on editing the video and will have it up tomorrow.

Some up close shots of these pages - I used a TON of supplies.

Acrylic Paints, Prima Flowers, Stencils, Stamps, Masking Tape
Dylusions Inks, Stickers, Paper Doilies

I did this page a bit different after my art class this week - they taught the layers... how important the layers are in building pages.

I hope you enjoy the pages... and "Love me"...
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Night out with my daughter and Friends.... Emblem 3 Concert

So Saturday night my daughter, a good friend and her daughter drove down to Freehold, NJ to check out the Emblem3 concert.

It was at at Encore Event Center a very nice large space - I would totally love to have an event at this location.
They put on a nice show... Good light show good sound - and we were very up close and personal.

They had an opening band that was a popular local band called 

We had a wonderful time and would love to go see them again.  Highly Recommend to check out The New Royalty.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

3/21/13 Be Yourself mixed media - Art Journal

So I couldn't sleep last night - it's been a very busy week - my husband business is thankfully growing leaps and bounds which of course pulls me into it.
We had to great new packaging for his muffins and cookies
These are the muffins and & cookies from Express Home Meals
They are amazing tasty good - and they are good for you.
If your looking to lose some weight - this is the route to go we can ship them to your home.
Message me if you have any questions.

Now to art journaling...

Also got a new camera and lightening set up so I hope you can see the better photo quality.

This was one I was just going - didn't pay attention to anything I grabbed I was so deep into the art journal mood I just kept going until it was done...

Be yourself.

Hello. like we can be anything else.  
Made me feel release because I've been trying to do so much.

I hope you enjoy it - and please comment

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Washi Tape Storage - Check it out...

So here's a box of my favorite wash tape supplies.... Not all of them - because I have alot that are "holiday themed"

I have been keeping them in a target box - but again always having to dig then out...  Because I always wanted one that was on the bottom.

So I found this cute dress form at Michaels - using my 40% coupon I got it for $7.00..  Then I got pins

And then I put on my best tapes that I use all the time.  This is a small dress form - so of course they don't all fit - but I just love it...   I'll be looking for a bigger one.

I hope you all like...  (sorry for all the stuff in the background)  Working on better photos.

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Organizing Mixed Media Supplies.... What to do.... well how about this???

So I have all these Golden and other type of Mixed Media Supplies.

I had them in a box - but it was so hard to get what I wanted from the box without always having to go to the bottom.

I was walking around target last night - and saw this spice rack organizer - and it was on clearance for $8.72....  So I got it...

Original I was thinking all my powers or inks - but this one was much better for the Mixed Media Supplies.

I was able to put all of my supplies and more on it... I love it so much I'm going back today to get more.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beach Mixed Media on Canvas

 Here's a piece I did last weekend for my husband - A photo of his father in his favorite place  Lavallette Beach, NJ

Alot of texture and layers.
Acrylic Paint
Chip board

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Friday, March 15, 2013

New Thrift Store Find (yes i'm hooked).... Totally

So I found this totally cool Pepsi box on ebay - great price even with the Shipping - and was so excited but had no idea what I was going to do with it...

Then...  I remember pinterest.....  PAINT storing..

LOVE IT - want 2 more.... for all the paints I have... Markers would even be good - Gelotos...
I can also get it off the shelf and hang it on a wall (tomorrow's project)....

Hope you enjoy.

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So Sorry - Slammed this week..... - Missing Mom...

Monday was 2 years since I lost my mother to cancer.. I spent a year of my life watching her lose hers....  This is a painting I did of what I was feeling this day...  The feelings were Loss - Love - Hope - Faith - Anger - Confused.

I hope you enjoy
And sorry I haven't been blogging this week...  Get ready going to catch up this weekend...  

So below is my very first video of painting.  (what I realized)
#3 Don't be in my PJs...
#4 change camera angle

I hope you enjoy besides those things I immediately picked out...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Thrift Store & Antique Store Shopping with my Daughter

So I tried Thrift Store & Antique Store Shopping this past weekend with my daughter - and we both made out good.

We went to the Dover Antique Mall in Dover, NJ

I was looking for 1 storage type furniture didn't find anything good - but got some good ideas...
And 2nd was looking for things for my art journals.
I found a 1902 Edition of the Sears Roebuck Catalogue...  The paper is so great - it's book page but stronger and so much typeface and photos on it.. can't wait to start using it.

I also found some really old black & white photos that were hard cardstock.
Letters from WW2
And 4 First Class Stateroom from 1921.

Some old sticker letters (which I used some and they work)..

My daughter got a big bag of jewelry from the 1920 time...

We are 100% going to continue our road trips and start hitting other's in the area..

Let me know what good find you have found at your local stores.

Friday, March 8, 2013

My Journals from last weekend's Scrapbook weekend.

So had a fun filled weekend last weekend at a scrapbooking crop...
And I did a bunch of journal pages...

here's a few...

I was just creating.. not writing down what I was using or snapping photos during the process...

Still working to use up my old supplies.

I hope you enjoy..
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