Monday, May 27, 2013

2nd Half of our Jersey Shore Memorial Day Trip to The Beach

So if you missed it - heres' the link to check out my 1st day post.   We stayed overnight at the Tradewind still highly recommended them if you need

after we woke up to a gorgeous summer day... we walked across the street to grab breakfast.

Our favorite Breakfast Place on the Island.
The Sand Dollar Pancake House

Enjoyed the 3 Buttermilk Pancakes... Yum Yum

THen we decided after breakfast to walk to the beach - or course we had to pass "Salty"
Now here's my position on this place.  WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.
They try to offer breakfast and dinner - food is not good and too pricy.
They do ice cream...  I would rather walk the 3 blocks to Music Man cheaper and we get a show.
The family that run's it are some of the nasty people I have every met
And they have only gotten nastier..

these are photos from them cleaning out the garbage I feel horrible for The owners of Sand Dollar and the residents of this town.   it's a Total Eye Sore.  And I can say first hand they don't care
When i said that to my kids how gross it all looks - the owner called me an "a**whole**... I looked him in the face smiled and said "Karma" smiled and waived good bye.

It really just annoys me when people just think about themselves and not how it will hurt other people.

Boardwalk is in for most towns.  Hi Dunes..

Thought this was nuts the way they were raising the house.

More to come on this blog... Got very inspired to do a Beach Mixed Media Abstract place and have started working on it - Tomorrow I'll be posting Part 3 of this post with all the photos of the process.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our Jersey Shore Memorial Day Weekend Trip We are Jersey Strong Day 1...

We decided Saturday around 3:00 on a very rainy day that we were going to take a drive down the Jersey Shore.   The last 5 years since my (Now hubby) and I started dating we have stayed down the Jersey Shore.  He was lucky enough to have a family home in Lavallette, NJ and lived summers down the shore.   They sold it a few years ago so we have been renting in Seaside park, NJ ever since and now our kids are enjoying the experience.    I'm not for traffic at all so I jumped on to the 511nj  they have cameras all the way up and down the Garden State Parkway and it's a MUST LOOK before i jump in the car.   My other MUST LOOK is on Facebook a fan page called Jersey Shore Hurricane News  This fan page started during Hurricane Irene and it now has over 200K fans and it's where you get all the details - traffic - weather events etc...

 we got married in Lavallette NJ 10/10/10

No traffic so off we went ....  we plan ahead so just in case we all packed a bag.

So 1 hour and 15 minutes later we arrived in Lavallette, NJ...   1st Stop...  Saying hi to our great friends Aggie & Josephine from The Music Man located at 2305 Grand Central Avenue, Lavallette, NJ.  If you never heard of them - this is where you go for great Ice cream... and you get a Full Broadway Cabaret.   The only way I can explain how I feel about this place is it's my New Jersey Disney World... I laugh, laugh so hard I cry...  I hear amazing singers that are so crazy talented you sit and think - why haven't they gotten on American Idol or THE VOICE... (much better choice this year).  All this for less than $8.00 a person - plus you get a really great bowl of ice Cream - or in my hubby case a double expresso and a small kids coffee ice cream (remember he's the healthy one)...

They made it thru Hurricane Sandy with lots of upgrades and an amazing yes I say that alot but no other word fit it - Amazing 2013 Summer Cast.


We then decided lets stay over and find a place...  We had called a few places - unfortunately for plenty of rooms - The Jersey Shore needs your help!!   GO TO THE SHORE!!!!  Stay overnight - stay a weekend - stay a week...

We decided to stay a block away at Tradewinds Motor Lodge 2000 Grand Central Avenue, Lavallette, NJ....   Another location that got hit by Hurricane Sandy and has completely come back stronger and better....  The rooms are completely gorgeous...  now I mean Gorgeous. 

The rental home we rented last year hasn't come back from the damage - and with so many people not being able to get the homes up quickly rentals are hard to find or to be honest just asking too much.  We will be going down the beach and we found our Summer Home...  Right here at Tradewinds..

This is a photo from this weekend...  Pretty Chilly - wind blowing - but pool Heated...

After all that fun - we headed into Seaside Heights, NJ...  And hit a brand new Restaurant.

This was the old location of Luna DeRosa - I was really sad to hear they were changing - we eat at Luna pretty much 2-3 times a week - we loved the food....   Same owners just new and improved...  And the Food Is off the hook...  They have a full Sushi Bar - they offer Brick Oven Pizza - plus all the good food from the Luna Menu and MUCH MUCH MUCH more...  


Then off to Seaside Heights Boardwalk

The boardwalk looks good... It's hard to believe it wasn't there 7 months ago..  I'm so proud to say I'm Jersey Strong...  Everyone involved to get this up and running by Memorial Day Weekend should be very proud of themselves.

Here a the places we stopped by...  
1st... Stop by and say hi to our friends at Sand Tropez and the One of the Kind Lady stores...  Great friends fun times.

Then to walked up and took a look at the newly remodeled Spicy Catina  -not the same without Chef Jimmy - but we wish him TONS OF LUCK on his new venture Chef of Wheels you need a catering job - Hire Him...

We stopped at all the arcades...  to drop some cash into the machines...
Lucky Leos
Coin Castle (My favorite game - Wizard of Oz - started my collection of cards again.

We walked all the way to the North End - boardwalk still not finished.  And was very sad to see that my summer tattoo place is no longer at this location.
Adrenaline Tattoos & Body Piercing.

This location didn't make it thru the Hurricane...  you can't even walk to this area at this point.

They moved a few stores down the other way.  you can find them at 707 Broadwalk, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751  732-375-3500

We also hit The Shore Store  Give Danny and his Brother A ton of credit - they came back from ruin.
We bought our T-Shirts - Jersey Strong...  
They still how rental homes available - and you can rent the Jersey Shore House - and Take a tour - Don't miss that..

We then turn around and watched some of the craziness on the boardwalk - big Prom weekend...  Lots of "party people" kids laughed - hubby and I laughed.

Below is some photos over the past few years of this fun...


Will post  photos for day 2....  In the next blog post... Don't miss it - I show some photos from this weekend on how things look

I really hope you enjoy this trip...  And check us out for the next blog post...  

Will be posting about all that we did today... LOTS to show you..

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Tracey Weinzapfel May Challenge... A Letter to my Infant, Toddler or Teen self.

So Tracey Weinzapfel May challenge was to write a letter to the infant, Toddler or Teen Self....   I'm taking the approach of lesson learned...

"It's Not Selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, & to make your happiness a priority.   It's a necessary.

I used gelatos, Pastels, Paint, Washi Tape, PITT Markers, and Montana markers

I hope you enjoy...  I love her challenges

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Been doing a ton of drawing... Here's a bunch of different Art Journal Pages I've created....

As I said I've been drawing and drawing... I've been self teaching myself to draw faces and I have to say I love it...   Highly suggest I would never have thought I could draw anything that even looked like a face...

Pinterest and YouTube are amazing tools...

Below if my first time using watercolor pencils.

Below is my first time using charcoal.

Below is my first time using watercolor paints.

Below is using water colors pencils, Using Caran D'Ache Neocolor II, and Gouache Paints, Pitt Pens

Finally below was my 1st attempt at Pastels

I hope you enjoy - and really hope you grab a pencil or whatever and you start drawing...

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ReOrganization of areas of Studio... LOVE IKEA!!!

So I hit Ikea this weekend and purchased a few things to make my life much easier...

Some photos to share.

I have a target cabinet organizer that I have all my mixed media products on - and I love it because I can see all the way back.

I have double tongue & Grove tape where I hang the distress inks from Ranger.

I also included the Dignitet Curtain Wire with Clips  $12.99

 And then my love of my love...
Raskog kitchen cart I got it in Blue

I can't get over how much fits into this cart.
I'm going to go back and get another one for all the mixed media products
It frees up so much space 
I have boxes of other things that I can't ever see because they are in boxes
This would get it out so I can see it...

Below is from Ikea it's a Letter Tray White - by Kvissle $19.99
I am missing 1 tray so I could put all of my Inks with the top on it it wouldn't fit - but I can pull the tray out to get them all.

I then got the Bygel Rail $2.99
and got the Bygel Containers each $0.99

I put different things inside the containers - and all those little things that I can never find mostly..

Hope you enjoy... I love how it all came out .

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