Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jersey Shore Seaside Heights, NJ - A week after Hurricane Sandy...

So my daughter and I decided to take a trip down the Casino Pier, Jersey Shore to see what was going on after the storm - we have all seen the photos - and of course I'm going to show you more photos - and words can not explain what we saw..
Tears came down my face and my daughter - all the summer memories will forever be changed.

 Yes the Roller Coaster is in the water - it's so sad looking and just breaks your hearts.

 This is 1 view of the boardwalk - that is no longer to be seen.  Maybe of the stores on the strip were taken down because of damage.
A view of the hotel Aztec Ocean Resort - it got it very bad... Alot of dam 
 A south view of the boardwalk looking at Casino Pier - this part if falling down.
 A close up view of the roller coast.
 Up close photo of The Shore Store..  So sad they had alot of damage.. The water was so powerfully it just ripped off these heavy metal doors.

 Below is a food place and hotel  this whole thing is being torn down.

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