Saturday, February 16, 2013

2012 Jersey Shore Music Man Experience

So we are BIG Fans of The Music Man - Lavallette, NJ
This is a Singing Ice Cream Shoppe - 
You can go have some great ice cream - and then while you are there
You get a show...
Sign a song..
Laugh to you cry
Meet some great people.

This was the last show of the season....  Figured we started the season - why not end it.

here is 1 of the Favorite Funniest - Amazing guy you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.
The one.. the only ...

Andrew David Swackhamer

Click above and it will take you to his Facebook page where you can LIKE him...

Now to the wonderful women I have gotten to know thru these last few years... some more than other.
1st the amazing talented 

Jacleen Ferraro

Girl in the middle next to my daughter Nicole....
To the far Left
Kelli McNeill - another amazing person that I am very blessed to have had in my life.

And then to the far right... 
Amanda Phillips...
These women were so much fun - made me laugh - made my kids laugh all summer.

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