Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fun Use with Crayola and Canvas…. Fun Flowers

Fun with Melted Crayon Art
I saw a bunch of different versions of this on Pinterest and I was like OMG i want to do that… So I did…  Now that we have Hurricane Sandy coming and we are home thankfully with power I decided to do some of these crafts ive seen on the website.
So I ran out to Michaels – and purchased a 12×16 Artist’s Loft Back Stapled Traditional Canvas which they were having a sale buy 1 get 1 at 1 cent.  and then I purchased a cheaper version of crayon at Michaels 48 for $1.99.  Thankfully I got 2 boxes figured I like it – and it was smart because I needed 3 additional crayons.
The Start
I saw a bunch of different ones that uses specific colors – or the whole box – I did the whole box.  I lined them up to play with the colors (having no idea how this was going to come out)… and I did hot glue the crayons down.  Repeat the whole thing
I let the wax cool it took about 15 mins.  I also suggest while your pushing them on the front you push up from the back.
Armed with my embossing gun…  Which worked perfect I might add I’m glad I didn’t purchase the heat gun from Home Depot the cheapest one I saw was around $40.00
Now let me tell you… this was SO MUCH FUN… Can’t describe it the heat controls it all how close you get it start melting faster… back up it slows down.  The wrappers do turn dark so when you see that happening just pull back a bit…
I kept the canvas tilted and moved it and turned it to get it to go the way I wanted it to go.  If you have the gun close it can also blow the wax.

Lined up ready to go


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