Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some Good Times... Because We Can - Bon Jovi Concert Met Life

Bon Jovi Concert 2013
Met Life

Joined with Family & Good Friends.


 The Layout.... Totally would love that car.

My son Christopher's 1st Concert - no way to start better than Bon Jovi.

My other son Ryan - this is his 8th Bon Jovi Concert.

The Crew (minus 2 of us that had seats in a section over)

And it starts!!!

We had an amazing night... Bon Jovi never disappoints.

A must catch!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mixed Media 7/28/13 Art Journal My Daughter Growing UP.

So I pulled out the handmade journal I made at the Donna Downey Inspirational Weekend

It was 2 pages that I had learned how to smear left over paint on it....  Just was motivated to work in the book.  (See below)

I sprayed Dylusion's Sprays over an alphabet stencils - Dyan's Stencils... did 2 of the girl punched out and 1 just hitting around the opening.

I then added Dyan's other stencils around the edge using acrylic paints - and my white paint pen.  As well as added a Donna Downey Stencil.

Then getting ready to position the photos - it was alittle to blank to put them just on the page so I got the doilies out and used the sprays on them.

Then I added some flowers I got in the Michael's clearance section.  Sprayed them also..  And added Washi Tape and Donna Downey's Joint tape.

I then started positioning the photos and flowers.

These are my daughters 3 photos from her 8th grade class.  Her Cheerleading photo, her 8th grade class photo and her graduation photos.   Yes I spent about $300 in photo packages this year...

Some close up photos below.

Now the hardest part was to figure out what to right...   This isn't for her it's in my journal book - so it's not a message to her... more one for me for her...  something I want her to know.

You are Beautiful
You are strong.
Smart & Capable....

This is what I want her to walk into High school with....

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mixed Media - Art Journal 5x7 Canvas Board Piece - Inspired by Tracy Weinzapfel Blog

Tracy Runs Monthly Challenges.
This Months - July Creative dare  
She does a LIve Stream via the internet every Monday - called Mixed Media Monday -.

The Challenge is what does it mean to me.
We were suppose to pick a monday that moved, inspired me.  

Here Blog is here: Tracy

Below is 1 of my motivations... I used things from all of her Mixed Media.


So First I gesso the surface.
Then got out my Paints - sorry I don't have the brands - I was totally in a zone and was just paining.

I took out my Montana paint markers and drew out the heart.
And used it around the edges.

Then my goal overall is to start to use my "stash" so I pulled out these really old rub ons to try and use things..  I wrote;
Life Isn't About Finding Yourself
Life is about creating yourself.

Right now in my life this is what I feel like I am doing full time!!!  And Art is really halping me.

I then thicken up the Outline of the heart on the Black.

And then I had some fun doing the white lines.

I was going to do some stamping but I really like it like this so for right now this is done.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Mixed media - Art Journal - Inspired by Another Artist.....

So I love Instagram...  Love looking at all the art that you can see on it...
And one of my favorite artist is Ady Almanza

She is amazing...

I saw this post from her.

And then I was playing around on Pinterest and saw this saying.. and bingo I started playing.

Don't waste words on people who deserve your silence.  Sometimes the most powerful things you can say is nothing at all.

I loved that saying...  Below is what happen.

Used my pencil and sketched out the outline..

Then started playing with my Montana Paint Markers and filled in the hair... and details.

Close up

Then grudged it up a bit by adding water color and pastes on top. 

My Pentel White Pen..  Alot more detail with Pitt Pens.

I really love how it came out - the pastels they bring so much to the painting...

I hope you enjoyed this step by step....
Sometimes I get so into what i'm doing I forget to take the photos.

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Mixed Media - Art Journal Doubt Kills More Dreams... Watercolors

Here's an Art Journal - Mixed Media .

Doubt kills more dreams then failure every will.

This page started out just playing with Pastels...
Then adding Oil paints Sticks - never used those before - Just using my fingers.   

I love playing with hearts - and drawing them.

Started out with watercolors.
Then laying Pastels over them and rubbing it into the paperwork with my finger.

You can see how it gets brighter...

Sorry but once I started drawing I got on a roll and didn't stop until I was done.

Started with Black Acrylic Paint
Then grabbed my Pitt Markers one it was dry

 What I didn't like was those oil sticks it's hard to do anything on top of - so only add that at the end.

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