Saturday, February 16, 2013

More canvas pieces... These are what I did in December 2012

Below is a piece that started out 1 thing and totally ended up something different - but I loved how it came out.

Below is a canvas I did for my husband to remind him of the Jersey Shore.

Below is a canvas piece I did after seeing a pin on Pinterest on using booking paper to roll roses.  I had so much fun... and ended up gluing them on this canvas.

The below is one I did when I was in a very dark mood...  And I had just discovered india inks.

Below is a piece I did for a friends birthday present - she loved it and is hanging in her kitchen...

Below is a canvas I did after really playing with blending colors on the canvas... adding water and see what that does with the paint... 

Below is a piece I did using a bunch of different stuf....

Below is another canvas I did that was brought on by Hurricane Sandy and how I was feeling about it all.

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