Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Evolution of the Poppies Canvas Painting into a Mixed Media canvas

 So I had alot of fun painting these poppies after the Acrylic Paints I didn't like it.


I added Pan Pastels to the flower first..

Then around the flowers.

But it still wasn't perfect...

So... what to do!   I mixed Media Art Journal It.

Out came the rubber stamps - stencils - Washi tape - Modeling Paste - Packing tape - bubble Wrap and paint brush.

I can't tell you if it's done yet - but it's for sure getting closer!!

Hope you enjoy please as always I love comments and your free to share.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mixed Media - Art Journal 9-15-13 - Be the You of your Soul...

SO I had all the paint and supplies out from my Canvas I did (check other blog) - and started working in my art journal.

This was something I saw on Donna Downey Internationally Inspired Workshop

In my Art Journal Book by Dylusions I'm still usings the big one.   I first used Stenciles
And modeling paste

On the bottom I used masking tape - and the tape that people use for sheetrock.

Then add layers of paint - I used 2 different colors for the green - and then the Yellow with also orange.

Then add the blue... 

I then used stenciles to add some texture with black mixed into modeling paste.

Then pulled out another stencils and did some poppies towards the bottom of the page.

Then I marked where my flowers were going - and pulled out Black Liquitex Inks and dripped the stems.

I then added the flowers.

I also took the extra modeling paste and used a spatula and put that onto the flowers. 

Then had painted the Leaves.   Used Wet Golden Gold Green.

I also stamped onto them and then glued him down.

Highlighted the leaves...  

I hope you enjoyed this.

Be the You of your soul

Love that saying..

Please share away.
And love comments and feedback.

Mixed Media Art Journal 9-14-13 Create the Things you wish Existed... An Internationally Inspired Workshop by Karen Ellis Inspired Canvas

So I just re-watched a great online Workshop from Donna Downey - her Internationally Inspire Workshop - I was watching Karen Ellis's Video and was just so inspired.  Here's what I did...

I have a video as well.

I know I talk about Donna a lot on my blog - so alittle back story so you don't think i'm a stalker (sorta)....    Last November is when I first picked up a paint brush.  It was after I stumbled upon her Inspirational Wednesday Video's.    I never thought i would ever be able to do anything artist like....  And to look at my work now - I give Donna all the credit.   I went out in March to her Inspirational Weekend that just pushed me even further - and have signed up for her NJ class in December and can't wait to see what she will teach me next.    I have watched now many artist - and I highly recommend you doing it as well.   Never say I can't do that - or I can't draw that...  You can.

I have told many people - an Art Journal is better than a month of therapy.    Highly recommend.  And I can help 1 person like Donna did me - I would be very happy.

Love comments - so feel free.

Catching up on my blog... Bring you all up to day.

So sorry it's been awhile since I posted a blog.   Things are finally normal here after the divorce.  The kids are back in school.   My daughter is a Freshman - even thought I have a old who's almost 24 - this hit me hard... Not sure why...

School Shopping.

First day of School

She is growing up so fast...

Some other things I've been doing - is I got an opportunity to hit a show in NYC At Fashion Week - So much fun thanks to a great friend Gina.

We got to see Nikki Minaj

We got to see Paris & Nikki Hilton

It was a very fun event.

Another trip into New York City for Nicole to meet one of her favorite Youtube Guys.

Was a fun day - but very unorganized for me.

Went to a Concert in the Park in Town and hung out with my good friends.

Saw a great band and good friend - Street Hassle

Christopher started 8th Grade in Middle School..

Dog's Got Groomed.

That pretty much catches everyone up....   

Posting some new pieces or Artwork and Journal in the next blog...

Please enjoy 

and as always.....   Love the comments

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mixed Media - Art Journal 8-15-13 - If you Never Try you'll never know

  New Art Journal Mixed Media Piece I just completed in my Large Moleskin.
Live Laugh Much.

If you never try you will never know.

Working in the large art journal is fun and scary at the same time... It just depends what you decide to do..   

This page started with back ground paint just (extra paint that I painted onto this page and let dry)

After I got the layers the way I wanted...  I built the page.
The video shows the process.

I hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to share - and I love comments.

Thank you for watching.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

8-4-13 New Canvas - Live in the moment

Here is my video speed process.

This was alot of fun to do...   Put gesso on your canvas and before it drys - pull out your sprays
I used Dylusions I just love them - and love how it seeps into the canvas.

Once the sprays are on make sure to let it dry.

The above is what it looks like once it's dry.   I have to say I almost left it at this point... I loved it... My daughter loved it - but of course I had to do more...

So dripped liquitex Inks (india inks) on it let it drip down.

I used stencils
I used Modeling paste in White & mixing Black into it.
Under the heart stencils I then dripped Red ink.

Here's a video Tutorial of the process.

Below are some close up.

Here's another close up

I then pulled out some black paint and outlined the hearts.

Here's some more close ups.