Sunday, March 31, 2013

So was catching up on my you tube channel and came across Ronda Palazzari video - Stenciled Album Cover it inspired me so much I immediately jumped up - and went to michael's used my 30% coupon and purchased the 3 ring 12x12 Album.

Pulled out a few different acrylic paints - and make up sponges that I cut in half to make last longer.  A bunch of stencils and stamps.    And I went for it.

I had my video running - so check out it.

I also did the side since it's going to be on my shelf.  I know I need to add the s at the end.

For my mini stencils right now I store them in my 31 bags tote - which I love... especially when I go to crops - but I am ordering the right dividers for the albums and will get it all into 1 place and then use the tote for something else.

Below are my 2 dogs - Clea (on the left) and Ella on the Right) now that I have a nice long desk they always want to get up on it and see what I'm doing it... So Now they can.  Say hi ladies..

 Ella - likes it when she's alone... LOL

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