Thursday, March 7, 2013

Very excited today... Have done the 1st state of the redo in my scrap room/ Art Studio..

Moved the space over to another wall.   Went to home depot and got a 5x8 piece of plywood cut in half... (perfect size).

Here's another close up shot...  Everything was taken off the wall - I had a bunch of stickers (foam) I got off nice and smooth..

Desk is painted... and stuff started to get moved over.

Used the cube storage and put the table on top...  Getting all that organized is for another day.

Got the shelves put up - as well as the Wall to hang additional items from.


Used velco and hung up a bunch of supplies.

And here's the final set up....  Alot of Green - and I just love it.
This will be an on going project - but much happier when I get everything in
in it's place...

HOpe you all enjoy.

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