Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mixed Media - Art Journal Learning to Let Go.. To make a decision.. And act...

So this blog post is very personal and emotion 

I had Knee Surgery and have spent man hours laying with my knee up
and alot of thinking.

I've been married for 3 years.  My husband is a very great man and adopted my kids to give them the father that was missing in their lives.   We are so completely opposite - the only way to explain who we are and what we are is on opposite ends of a room.  While we have tried hard to meet in the middle we have not been able to do that.  And while the differences are what attracted us to each other - they are what has broken us up.  I finally made the decision and he's moved out to get a divorced.  

During my sitting and thinking I came across this photo on Facebook by Cathy Bueti

Above is the photo of the original art work with the link to her blog.

I don't think I have very been moved by such a piece of art - it somehow helped me get to the point of a decision.  I couldn't stop looking at it...  It could be the "Dreams of love".. or the girl - the red hair.

Here's my video

Here's some close up photos.
After the 1st day of painting.

In the final you can see I redid the eyes

In the final I also redid the neck

Final Piece Above

Below you can see the eyes better up close.

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