Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thanks for Tracy June Challenge. Creative Dear - Your Powerful Truths - Thank you Tracy Weinzapfel Studios

Please check her blog out

She challenged us to do our powerful Trusts - we could use some of hers.

Below is what the canvas started out as..  This was one of my first canvases I had ever did when I had no idea what I was doing.   I loved it until my next one - then my next and now i have piles of canvases that I don't know what to do with... Well that is until today.

SO I started with drawing some circles - which with sunflowers on my mind quickly came into sunflowers.

Painting around the pedals and trying to let the old paint layers bleed through

Some Gesso  and Gelato watercourse..

More thoughts came out.

Got out my black montanta marker pens and had some more fun.
And black india ink - and added the outlines

Letting it dry now - tomorrow will pick up and show you the finished piece.

Your going to love it.
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Heres the rest of it.

I didn't like how the leaves were so bland - so i crumpled up some scrapbook paper teared the shape and then inked up the edges and glued on surface.

I really like to write the text myself instead of from a computer - thought I love the look from the printer.  But since this is a journal page I tried to journal.

"You have many reason's to Smile"
Used Montana Paint Markers

Life isn't Perfect but it's pretty Darn Close.

Your not in this alone.

You are Amazing just the way you are

Art Heals All.

You are amazing Just the way you are.

I hope you enjoyed.  I enjoyed making it.

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