Sunday, July 7, 2013

How To... Store your Clear Rubber Stamps. LOVE THIS

HI All,
I've been doing a ton of organization - and figuring out the best way and that take up the least amount of space for stamps is always a thing I struggle with - and then I came across a pin that showed this idea.

So PoOF!!!!  An idea was born...

So off to Home Depot I went...  I got the 11x14 Non-Glar Styrene Sheets $3.98 each

I peeled off the protective layers on both sides and the glosses side I used Stazon and stamped each image.  Then attached it on the back end.

I had a large piece of cardboard Down on the bed - (still stuck in bed with a cold and hurt knee).
I had my stampin up pad cleaner

Below you can see the clear stamps stick to it.

My point was to have a place to store the stamps - and be able to see what I have - this is half my issue. I have four 4 stamp sets I already purchase.  
I love having a sheet of all christmas and can see it in 1 place
I took a huge box and put it down to 10 sheets.

I even used market to write the brand and name if I could also use Ptouch.

All my Dylusion Stamps... 1 nice place

Below is 1 of many I had for stamps (clear, Rubber & Vinyl) - So now I have the Clear under control.

Below shows the 10 sheets now that the stamps are on.  I'm going to punch holes and then put them into a binder. 12x12...

Hope you enjoyed...  Please comment - please follow my blog.


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  1. This is a good idea, I have been wondering how to store mine I have them stuck all over. Love it. Sharon (shadee)