Friday, July 19, 2013

Mixed media - Art Journal - Inspired by Another Artist.....

So I love Instagram...  Love looking at all the art that you can see on it...
And one of my favorite artist is Ady Almanza

She is amazing...

I saw this post from her.

And then I was playing around on Pinterest and saw this saying.. and bingo I started playing.

Don't waste words on people who deserve your silence.  Sometimes the most powerful things you can say is nothing at all.

I loved that saying...  Below is what happen.

Used my pencil and sketched out the outline..

Then started playing with my Montana Paint Markers and filled in the hair... and details.

Close up

Then grudged it up a bit by adding water color and pastes on top. 

My Pentel White Pen..  Alot more detail with Pitt Pens.

I really love how it came out - the pastels they bring so much to the painting...

I hope you enjoyed this step by step....
Sometimes I get so into what i'm doing I forget to take the photos.

Please feel free to share - and I hope you follow me.

And I love comments

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