Sunday, April 14, 2013

Think Positive... Mixed Media - Art Journalling - 4-14-13

So I have been watching a ton of you Tube video's and all my favorite artist drawing faces... I was so totally freaked out.. 

I never draw a face I didn't know how to start.

So I figured why not start another project - and finally pulled out the Martha Stewart Wood Burner - and wanted to make some sences.

So if you look below you can see the outline of the face that I made as a stencil   When it was done I did have to go back in and paint it - and repaint the lines  so It's almost just me ... but has given me the courage to do it on my own.

I still didn't feel like this was done yet.... so I did a few more thins.  I pulled out Dyan's Stencils and went to town on the edges...   Then highlighted them with White.

 Love Love Love how these pages came out...  I could not be prouder.

I hope you enjoy these pages ... Please comments.


  1. Love this Lisa! This is something I have yet to try, although they do sell the supplies at my local store! I will have you to thank if I give it a try!

  2. Give it a try!!! It feels so good to pull it together and see a face... I just did one tonight posting it in a moment - check it out much different - I was very daring... Would love your comment.