Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mixed Media - Art Journal 4-30-13 - Girl in Progress

Was drawing playing with faces... and I felt this face came out perfect...  I got the nose to look like a nose was so happy it motivated me to do an art journal page.
I wish I would have video taped this one - I came to me so smooth and I just loved how it came out
I used ALOT of teaching I learned at Donna Downey's Inspiration Weekend.

See how the nose doesn't look ONLY like a pig nose... Working hard on that one...

At Inspiration Weekend Donna introduced us to try Grouche Paints - I have to say LOVE LOVE LOVE.  They are so smooth - and vibrant they don't lose the colors...  Very controllable.  

Finished Girl had to add eye lashes.  I am so very proud.
I hope you all like.
Faces are so crazy hard to draw.
going to need to take a class.
Dina Wakely is what Im signing up for!!!

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  1. Grand job of it, Lisa! Your girl looks very sweet -- love how you've used that flower to hug her like that ... just awesome!

  2. Your little face is wonderful! Love the flowers around her...they look like flowers in her hair. I haven't tried gauche yet, but it is on my list of things to try.

  3. Totally love this page.. Love the texture on it as well.. :-) New Follower too.. :-)

  4. Thank you all so much.. I just love the feedback - it feeds my art.

    Von - as always - THANK YOU
    Anna - TRY Gauche - it's so brilliant color.. I took a class with Donna Downey at Inspiration Weekend a few weeks ago and she taught it - I didn't even know it existed - it's so cool.
    And Tamiko - THANK THANK YOU...