Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mixed Media Art Journal 4-3-13 Art Makes Me Happy

So here's a my journaling for today....  What I like most about this page other than the title - Art Makes Me happy is the fact that I total freehanded everything on it.  The flowers...  and the birds - this is a big step for me... and I totally am so proud of them.

I take the Life Class 2013 by Tamara Laporte
Week 14 - was a series of Quirky Birds

This isn't my lesson I have to do still do that - but after watching her lesson - I got motivated to do something with birds.

I did this in my Creative Journaling book - which I love.... 
And I used put the Caran D'Ache Neocolor II
used water to paint them on the page
pulled out my wood stencil by Crafter's Workshop
and colored modeling paste
And then stickers - "art makes me happy"
and then had fun with paint - drawing the flowers
and below I explain my birds.

 Check out my birds up close..  I hand drawn with pencil.  Then I painted - didn't like the color - so I cut out book paper and glue it down - painted over it - still was not happy - and then put modeling paste and painted that - and got to the point I loved them.

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