Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mixed Media - Art Journal 4.16.13 Don't Believe Everything You Think.... You can change

So really enjoying letting go and trying to draw...  

This piece started as a fun finger painting.

Then having some fun with a flower (Making Memories) flower Foam Stamp

Then tried my hand at stamp making...  (Heart)...  First time carving it after doing alot of studying youtube videos... It was fun...  Will be doing it again for sure.

After alot more painting... Got the Making Memories Foam alphabet out and stamps the words.
Used the PITT Bold Black Pen and outlined everything.

Got my paint brush (Thin) and filled in the shape...
Colored the a few hearts in.

Really enjoyed making this page..

Now I'll be gone .... Getting packing and ready to hope a plane to North Carolina to take Donna Downing Inspiration Weekend Class - and let me tell you I can't even contain myself I'm so excited.

Thursday at 1:00 pm can't come fast enough for that plane ride... I'll probably get to the airport at 10am just because i'm so excited...

I'll take lots of photos - and learn alot.. and can't wait to art journal with all that I learned.

Wish Me luck!!!!

Will miss you all.

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