Monday, April 29, 2013

Mixed Media - Art Journal 4-29-13 Newest Face Drawing...

I can't figure out if I love actually drawing faces - or I love working hard to learn more and get it right.  Maybe a bit of both.

Here's the newest lesson.

First I started playing with my new Pencils and I love them.
GretaColor Monolith I used 6B, 8B and then 9B

 Below is darken in. a bit more - and then I started adding color with Neocolor II 

Did a few different colors on each section - and then used the water pen to blend it.

Also included Koi Water Colors Pocket Field Sketch Box - by Sakura Color - I love it.

Watered pen used a bit here.

A bit more blending.

Darken a bit more.

A final photo...

And i'm very proud of the nose.

Going to use her in my new art journal page...
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Thank you

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