Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life has been crazy 8th Grader Problems....

Sorry I haven't posted on my blog - Life has gotten crazy.
Between all the activities at the end of school for my 8th Grade Daughter
and my husband's company that is just growing so fast...   My life seems to be put on hold.

Wanted to share some of what we are going thru.
My daughter is graduation from 8th Grade.
Below are some photos from her 8th Grade Dance

And her Graduation.

Shopping was NOT FUN!!!  Try Shopping with someone who has completely opposite tastes.
17 Stores...
Finally 1 Dress - which in the end she still hated
And the Shoes...

And photos from Graduation.  The Dress under the Cape & Gown

The Family

The proud mama

The Graduation Class of 2013 East Hanover Middle School

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