Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ReOrganization of areas of Studio... LOVE IKEA!!!

So I hit Ikea this weekend and purchased a few things to make my life much easier...

Some photos to share.

I have a target cabinet organizer that I have all my mixed media products on - and I love it because I can see all the way back.

I have double tongue & Grove tape where I hang the distress inks from Ranger.

I also included the Dignitet Curtain Wire with Clips  $12.99

 And then my love of my love...
Raskog kitchen cart I got it in Blue

I can't get over how much fits into this cart.
I'm going to go back and get another one for all the mixed media products
It frees up so much space 
I have boxes of other things that I can't ever see because they are in boxes
This would get it out so I can see it...

Below is from Ikea it's a Letter Tray White - by Kvissle $19.99
I am missing 1 tray so I could put all of my Inks with the top on it it wouldn't fit - but I can pull the tray out to get them all.

I then got the Bygel Rail $2.99
and got the Bygel Containers each $0.99

I put different things inside the containers - and all those little things that I can never find mostly..

Hope you enjoy... I love how it all came out .

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