Monday, May 27, 2013

2nd Half of our Jersey Shore Memorial Day Trip to The Beach

So if you missed it - heres' the link to check out my 1st day post.   We stayed overnight at the Tradewind still highly recommended them if you need

after we woke up to a gorgeous summer day... we walked across the street to grab breakfast.

Our favorite Breakfast Place on the Island.
The Sand Dollar Pancake House

Enjoyed the 3 Buttermilk Pancakes... Yum Yum

THen we decided after breakfast to walk to the beach - or course we had to pass "Salty"
Now here's my position on this place.  WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.
They try to offer breakfast and dinner - food is not good and too pricy.
They do ice cream...  I would rather walk the 3 blocks to Music Man cheaper and we get a show.
The family that run's it are some of the nasty people I have every met
And they have only gotten nastier..

these are photos from them cleaning out the garbage I feel horrible for The owners of Sand Dollar and the residents of this town.   it's a Total Eye Sore.  And I can say first hand they don't care
When i said that to my kids how gross it all looks - the owner called me an "a**whole**... I looked him in the face smiled and said "Karma" smiled and waived good bye.

It really just annoys me when people just think about themselves and not how it will hurt other people.

Boardwalk is in for most towns.  Hi Dunes..

Thought this was nuts the way they were raising the house.

More to come on this blog... Got very inspired to do a Beach Mixed Media Abstract place and have started working on it - Tomorrow I'll be posting Part 3 of this post with all the photos of the process.

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