Saturday, September 14, 2013

Catching up on my blog... Bring you all up to day.

So sorry it's been awhile since I posted a blog.   Things are finally normal here after the divorce.  The kids are back in school.   My daughter is a Freshman - even thought I have a old who's almost 24 - this hit me hard... Not sure why...

School Shopping.

First day of School

She is growing up so fast...

Some other things I've been doing - is I got an opportunity to hit a show in NYC At Fashion Week - So much fun thanks to a great friend Gina.

We got to see Nikki Minaj

We got to see Paris & Nikki Hilton

It was a very fun event.

Another trip into New York City for Nicole to meet one of her favorite Youtube Guys.

Was a fun day - but very unorganized for me.

Went to a Concert in the Park in Town and hung out with my good friends.

Saw a great band and good friend - Street Hassle

Christopher started 8th Grade in Middle School..

Dog's Got Groomed.

That pretty much catches everyone up....   

Posting some new pieces or Artwork and Journal in the next blog...

Please enjoy 

and as always.....   Love the comments

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