Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mixed Media - Art Journal 9-15-13 - Be the You of your Soul...

SO I had all the paint and supplies out from my Canvas I did (check other blog) - and started working in my art journal.

This was something I saw on Donna Downey Internationally Inspired Workshop

In my Art Journal Book by Dylusions I'm still usings the big one.   I first used Stenciles
And modeling paste

On the bottom I used masking tape - and the tape that people use for sheetrock.

Then add layers of paint - I used 2 different colors for the green - and then the Yellow with also orange.

Then add the blue... 

I then used stenciles to add some texture with black mixed into modeling paste.

Then pulled out another stencils and did some poppies towards the bottom of the page.

Then I marked where my flowers were going - and pulled out Black Liquitex Inks and dripped the stems.

I then added the flowers.

I also took the extra modeling paste and used a spatula and put that onto the flowers. 

Then had painted the Leaves.   Used Wet Golden Gold Green.

I also stamped onto them and then glued him down.

Highlighted the leaves...  

I hope you enjoyed this.

Be the You of your soul

Love that saying..

Please share away.
And love comments and feedback.

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